Sushi Cushi began in 2007 at the Winnipeg Baseball Stadium.

‘sushi’ meaning as raw fish and ‘cushi’ as cooked food. We have about a half percentage of raw fish sushi and half cooked fish sushi in our menu. For people who try sushi for the first time, we also have various kinds of kitchen menu, such as deep-fried and stir fried dishes.

Since January 24th 2002, I have learned to make sushi in many restaurants in Winnipeg. Then I started to think how the sushi can be delicious and healthy with the reasonable price. Since then, my goal was to open my own restaurant with all my expectations solved.

Some say “sushi is just raw fish”, but I can say for sure that ‘SUSHI CUSHI’ is different.

There’re various kinds of roll that you can never taste in other sushi restaurants, For example: homemade trans-fat free sauces with the freshest fish, fruits,   vegetables and many other varieties. In my words, there is no need to worry about eating healthy and delicious food at the same time.